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Cairns Centre is no longer delivering IWCF.  We will be delivering Site Specific, Currency and Competency Assessments on demand. 


Queensland legislation states: 

     "The Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018 (P&G Regulation) requires operators of drilling operating plant to ensure workers        meet the competencies in this Standard for the worker’s position."


This Standard lists the minimum level of qualification that a person must attain, or be enrolled in, to be competent in an operational position on a drilling or well service rig. These are minimum requirements only. Overarching obligations to ensure all workers are competent to undertake all tasks required of them, remain within the safety management system (SMS) obligations under the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 (P&G Act). This Standard contains three key components: 

A SMS requirement in the P&G Act is for each person to have all the necessary competencies to undertake the allocated work they are assigned to perform. The competency requirements in this Standard are a minimum standard to be met and will need to be augmented by additional site training and formal assessment in accordance with identified position requirements.

Attainment of these qualifications does not relieve operators of their responsibilities under the P&G Act and the P&G Regulation to undertake skills assessment and training to undertake their role. Each individual skills assessment will potentially identify other necessary role skills (such as first aid training, driving and specialist task skills such as well completion) that will require further training. This Standard outlines the relevant national AQF qualification that must be held by each position, with the exception of persons who must undergo training toward the levels indicated. The operator must ensure each person meets the required competency for the position and ensure that the appropriate competencies are maintained. 

Site Specific Training

Any site specific training requirements needed in the oil and gas industry can be delivered to meet individual company safety case requirements legislated under State or Federal Statutory Acts. Courses will be written to address specific requirements.

Because of the qualifications, knowledge and experience of our trainer, John van-Vegchel, he can write, train and assess for site specific requirements for the oil industry anywhere in the world and confirm that candidate hold relevant competencies and that the competencies are current


Other training qualifications

Cairns Centre has a teacher of post compulsory education and training with AQF Level 8 - Degree in Further Education & Training and Bachelor Science (Psychology) available for learning disability assessment and tutoring.

Our specialised training and skill development allows those working in the petroleum industry to be competently trained and assessed so that they can continue to work safely in an ever growing and changing world of onshore & offshore drilling.



Director: John J van-Vegchel
MEd USQ, BTeach (FET) USQ, Ad.Dip.Drilling, Cert. Geology BIET, AP, MAITD, SPE
Well Control Specialist, Registered Teacher (Qld), Head of School