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Our Mission Statement:
"To achieve excellence in the field of further
education and training specialising in adult
education for the oil and gas drilling industry"

Research & Teaching Services' Cairns Centre for
Drilling & Well Control (ABN 29 010 923 976) is:
A wholly owned subsidiary of The Southern
Automatic Patrol Telescope Service Pty Ltd
(ACN 010 923 976)

Cairns Centre for Drilling & Well Control Training Room

Cairns Centre for Drilling & Well Control delivers:

Cairns Centre for Drilling & Well Control is:

  • A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Provider Number 41083 and has the only Nationally Recognised  RII 3 or 5 day Well Control training course in Australia on its scope, which complies with the legislated requirements for rig workers needing to work towards or maintain their competency in the industry. A qualification is issued after the successful completion of our RIIndustry Ready Well Control Training Course. 
  • Legislation  in Queensland states that once a qualification for the oil and gas industry has been achieved, then competency must be maintained by nationally recognised training. Industry practice is that this is done every two years. 
  • Once a candidate has attended an initial nationally recognised 3 or 5 day well control course with us and is deemed to be competent, industry requirement and legislation is to maintain this competency.  
  • We can assess current competency during a one day Well Control Competency Assessment. There is no need to attend another 3 or 5 day course as the IWCF requires. It is only if you fail your initial course and assessment or if you need to be assessed at a higher level, that you will need to attend another full week course.

 IWCF - International Well Control Forum

  • An associate member and "accredited" (as per the IWCF statement) assessment centre with the International Well Control Forum (IWCF). While IWCF training is Industry Recognised Training, it does not comply with Australian legislation for Nationally Recognised Training under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. An IWCF "certificate" is issued after the successful completion of an IWCF training course, but it is not classed as a qualification under Australian law.
  • The IWCF requires that candidates attend 5 day training courses every two years.

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