Course Information

The following courses run by Cairns Centre are informal training courses which comply with competency Standards, however; as Cairns Centre has made a decision not to remain an RTO at this stage (There is no point because the RII competency Standards are about to undergo a major revision to bring them into line with modern drilling principles within a high risk environment AND oil and gas workers are not interested in the RII Competency Standards as a form of safety training for the industry as they exist) we are continuing to run these courses as informal courses which will result in a “Certificate of Completion” on successful completion.  Successful completion of these informal training courses does not provide a Statement of Attainment as would be the case under the competency Standards.

Successful completion of Cairns Centre well control and blow out prevention courses is as valid as, and more reliable than IWCF training and assessment because our simulation requirements far exceed current industry norms. Our simulation assessments are not generic and are designed and written for specific company needs.

It is apparent that IWCF informal training and assessment “certificates” are being used as qualifications in the industry. IWCF ‘certifications’ do not comply with the Queensland oil and gas industry legislation - the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act (Qld) 2004 (P&G) and the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation (Qld) 2004.

We are not inferring that Cairns Centre courses comply with industry legislation in Queensland, however; the writer and trainer/assessor of the courses can stand by the quality of the courses and confirm competency for our informal courses where he is not prepared to do this for other informal industry courses. Cairns Centre will provide other RTO’s with detailed individual assessments completed during our courses should a candidate request RPL through them.

Completing an informal Short Course for 3 or 5 days depending on the unit required will provide a Certificate of Completion for the following course topics.

  • Support Blow Out Prevention;
  • Assist with Coal Seam Gas Control;
  • Apply Effective Coal Seam Gas Control Practises;
  • Apply Blow Out Prevention Operational Procedures;
  • Carry Out Well Control and Blow Out Prevention; and
  • Manage Non-Routine, Complex Technical Situations.
    • Well Intervention
    • Stuck Pipe Course
    • Coal Bed Methane Well Control
    • Under Balanced Air Drilling

Stuck Pipe courses are completed over the course of 1 day after the completion of a 5 day BOP course or confirmation of competency. Stuck Pipe courses are run on demand & we encourage you to book in groups however we will run the course for individuals. If you are interested in completing the "Stuck Pipe Course" please Submit an Enquiry to ask us about course times & dates and cost.

Both Coal Bed Methane and Under Balanced Air Drilling courses are completed over 4 days. 

IWCF training and assessment. IWCF training is Industry Recognised but classed as informal under Australian legislation. We run the following IWCF training courses.

  • IWCF Blow Out Prevention (BOP) Rotary Drilling Onshore (Surface)  Level 3 and Level 4
  • IWCF Blow Out Prevention (BOP) Rotary Drilling Offshore (combined surface/Subsea)  Level 3 and Level 4)   

Class Room Courses - BOP courses will vary. Courses will mostly be delivered Thursday to Monday with exams being held at 9am Monday morning to allow for re-sits. Thursday and Friday- 3pm to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm. From time to time courses will be held 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday and this will be noted on the Course Schedule.

Each IWCF BOP and Cairns Centre Pressure Control course runs for the duration of (5 days) Thursday to Monday for most training weeks as noted above.

For IWCF informal training, it is a requirement that participants have drilling industry experience and be currently or previously employed in the industry.

Should there be any concern regarding a participant’s ability to undertake a course, Cairns Centre personnel will discuss and advise on all requirements needed and will adapt training requirements accordingly.

Training to meet industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community needs can be achieved through non-accredited training e.g. Cairns Centre BOP Courses. An organisation wanting to deliver a skill set or non-award course would need to satisfy other delivery requirements which is where RPL can be requested for our courses.

Disabilities in Education Policy - Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Reasonable Adjustment

Cairns Centre has a reasonable adjustment policy for those requiring assistance during the course or for assessments.

Disclaimer: The IWCF has not provided our training Centre with a policy or procedure regarding reasonable adjustments for candidates sitting IWCF exams and assessments. We have no control over the IWCF failing to provide a policy or procedure and do not endorse the failure of the IWCF to provide Reasonable Adjustments during examinations and assessments.

Please advise on your “Registration Form” or at your course, if you require educational assistance during training and exams.

NB: A qualified educator with a Bachelor of Further Education & Training and a Bachelor Science (Psychology) with specialist qualifications in literacy, numeracy and assessing for learning disabilities, is available for candidates who require assistance.

The Trainer: John van-Vegchel has relevant tertiary qualifications and experience to assist candidates who have learning disabilities.

IWCF informal training cannot be used to issue certifications or qualifications under Australian RII Competency Standards without other competency assessments taking place i.e. Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) unless other competency assessments take place.  

IWCF Well Intervention – is not being run by us

IWCF Well Intervention courses are not being run because Cairns Centre has its own informal training course written by John van-Vegchel which will stand up in a court as fulfilling training requirements for Well Intervention.

IWCF courses are not competency based trainingthey are exam and knowledge based. They can be used as professional development but do not comply with Queensland legislation for achieving and maintaining competency in the industry in Queensland.