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About Cairns, Far North Queensland
There are many good reasons to do your course with Cairns Centre for Drilling & Well Control, but one huge bonus to visitors is that we are located in the heart of the tropical far North Queensland.

Cairns is regional centre with a population of over 162,000 residents. It is also a very popular tourist destination as the jumping off point to some of the most exciting local attractions, including the Great Barrier Reef, tropical beaches & islands, the wet tropics rainforest, the Gulf Savannah & the Gulf of Carpentaria. So be sure check out our diverse range of tourist attractions at

Our Climate - we are located in wet tropics region of far North Queensland, so winter here is just a word!

Cairns has a tropical climate, with generally hot and humid summers and milder dryer winters. The average annual rainfall is 1992mm on an average 154 days. The majority of Cairn's rainfall occurs during summer between January and March.

The monsoon trough is close to Cairns from December to March bringing with it warm to hot, humid conditions and the possibility of thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. Thunderstorms regularly develop over the ranges inland from Cairns, but seldom move off the ranges across the City.

The months from May to October are dominated by the sub-tropical ridge, with Cairns under the influence of the south east trade stream. These moist onshore winds often produce diurnal showers, peaking overnight and morning and weakening during the afternoon.

The tropics has fairly uniform temperatures throughout the year. Typical daytime min/max temperature ranges in Cairns are 23C/31C in mid-Summer and 18C/26C in mid-Winter.

The prevailing winds are East to Southeasterly with strongest winds (cyclones excluded) usually occuring during April and August. During the summer months, North to Northeasterly sea breezes dominate the winds along the coast.

The cyclone season is normally confined to between December and April but exceptions do occur. The most active year to date from official records was 1977, when Cairns was affected by 4 tropical cyclones. ~ Bureau of Meteorology

Getting from the Airport to your Accommodation
There is a number of shuttle bus services and taxis who can get you from the airport to your accommodation. The average cost of a taxi fare from the Cairns airport to the city is between $20 to 25 AUD each way depending on the day of the week and the  time of day but the shuttle bus services are usually much more economical but usually need to be booked in advance.

The Cairns Centre for Drilling & Well Control's Training Centre is is only walking distance or a short taxi ride to many great places you can stay in the city. Cairns offers accommodation to everyone from the budget conscience backpacker to those who like more luxurious resort or hotel style accommodation.