Course Schedule for 2021

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Cairns Centre does not run IWCF anymore because it has no legal standing in Australia; nor does IWCF comply with Australian Statutory requirements.

Cairns Centre does offer Competency Assessment and Currency evaluation which is a legal requirement to provide "currency" as assessed against the Australian Competency Standard RIIOGD405E - Carry out well control and blowout prevention.

This assessment requires 4 days of simulation training with 3 site specific independent simulations; covering ALL of the elements of 405E. Of the 32 elements that require assessment for competency in 405E, IWCF only covers 8 of them.

Cairns Centre has had more than 50 participants undertaking this training and assessment. On successful you will be issued with a "Statement of Currency" in Well Control.

 ALL results and assessment can be verified and defended in court.

Cairns Centre is aware that companies write IWCF into their contracts for employment and so people require IWCF to obtain or maintain employment, but as stated above, IWCF does not comply with any type of Standard and is not competency assessment so we can longer abide by its claims of increasing "competency" when its assessment methods are not Competency based.


To request training please phone 0447411508 or 07 40411508 and we will confirm training weeks with you. 


Course Costs

Confirmation of competency - currency - 4 day course. Thursday and Friday night 5pm to 9pm, 8am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday - $1800 - inclusive of GST.

Site Specific Training - 5 day course written by John van-Vegchel specifically for specific site requirements - POA.