Course Enrolment Policies

 IWCF Course Enrolment Policy
 Terms & Conditions for IWCF Courses in Well Control 
 Terms & Conditions for Stuck Pipe Courses
 Changes to Bookings/Cancellation & Refunds Policy

IWCF Course Enrolment Policy

IWCF requires a minimum of 10 days' notice for all bookings when requesting examination papers. IWCF will not accept bookings outside the 10 day period.

All candidates now need to registered with IWCF-Forum. You can do this yourself at or leave the part on your registration form blank and Cairns Centre to do this for you. At the end of the Forum Registration process, you will be given a CR-Number (Candidate Registration Number). If you register yourself on IWCF Forum, you need to provide this number to our Centre so that we can register you on the IWCF Schedule so that an exam will be provided for you. The IWCF will not provide BOP schools with your CR-Number.

You no longer need to complete a CPIF  but you will need to provide your ID and a previous certificate if you last course was not completed with the IWCF.

Proof of Identity

You need to provide a copy of either your passport, driver's licence or birth certificate as proof of identity - which ever document you nominated on your registration form, to the IWCF appointed invigilator for the exams. Your ID must not expire in the two years that your IWCF certificate is valid.


 Terms & Conditions for Courses in Well Control

Participant Handbook

For all information pertaining to the course please request a copy of Participant's Hand Books . The handbook is no longer available online as it is being plagiarised by other training organisations. Alternatively you can view the Frequently Asked Questions under the FAQ tab the top of the page.

Course Fees

IWCF - $AUD2700 (including GST) to be paid by completion of the course. NB: Certificates will not be released until full payment for the course is received.

The following has been copied from IWCF Forum and is an IWCF requirement to agree to these terms and conditions.

I hereby undertake and confirm that any technical assistance which I receive during IWCF courses or examinations will not be used for projects in Russia which relate to:

  1. a) Oil exploration and production in water deeper than 150 metres;
  2. b) Oil exploration and production in the offshore area north of the Arctic Circle; or
  3. c) Projects that have the potential to produce oil from resources located in shale formations

by way of hydraulic fracturing, with the exception of exploration and production through shale formations to locate or extract oil from non-shale reservoirs.

By signing this form, I agree to the processing of personal data (including sensitive personal data where necessary) as described above in particular, my signature below gives consent for my information to be provided to the IWCF located in the United Kingdom.

I also hereby consent to the processing of my personal information which I provide within this form and which I otherwise supply during my training (including any sensitive personal data) for the purposes described in this form, which includes, transferring my personal information to the IWCF located in the United Kingdom. I also consent to my representative to register my details on my behalf with the IWCF Forum training system and to use my details for the purposes of delivery of training to me.

If your course has not been paid for before you come for your course you could forfeit your position on the course unless prior arrangements have been made.

Postage of Training Manuals

Training Manuals are no longer posted prior to the course.


Terms & Conditions for Stuck Pipe Courses

Course Fees

Cost of course is $650AUD (including GST) to be paid at least 3 weeks prior to commencement of course. If your course has not been paid for before you come for your course you could forfeit your position on the course unless prior arrangements have been made.

Course Numbers

Even if there is only one candidate for the course we will still run the course. This is a specialised training course that is run on demand and we will honour all bookings and course dates pertaining to the requested course.

Participant Handbook

For all information pertaining to the course see Participant's Hand Books which is located under navigation on the Training Courses menu and download the RTO Hand Book for 2015. Alternatively you can view the Frequently Asked Questions under the FAQ tab the top of the page.


Changes/Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Fees, Payments and Refunds

The cost of IWCF for 5 days is $2700.00AUD including GST. We accept payment via cash, direct deposit, cheque and credit card.

The cost of Short Course in Well Control for 5 days is $AU2200.00

For IWCF, payment is required a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of your chosen course or as soon as the booking is made if the course start date is less than 3 weeks or other arrangements made with Cairns Centre.

Refunds will be given minus an administration fee for any cancellations. If you have paid for a course in full but fail to show up to the course you will forfeit your course fee unless prior arrangement has been made.

For all refunds and changes we require a minimum of 10 days notice for all IWCF courses. If you or your company has a course credit, the credit is valid for 12 months unless other arrangements have been made.

Changes to Bookings and Cancellation

The Cairns Centre for Drilling and Well Control understands that the industry is sometimes unpredictable and we will do everything we possibly can to accommodate/move participants in another course should they be required to remain on site or have a family/emergency situation arises.

We have no problem transferring participants or payments to other course dates without penalty should you contact us as soon as you know of any changes to your circumstances.

We do require however a minimum of 10 days notice for cancellations/changes for all IWCF courses due to their 10 days notice policy and also because the IWCF changes to their Invigilation Services. If you are unable to give more than 10 days notice a fee of $500 will be charged to cover the return of the IWCF paper work and documentation as this is what the IWCF charges us to provide exams  and invigilation services per candidate. Otherwise full cancellations will be issues with a refund less and administration fee.

Should you simply need to cancel any course and will not be relocating to another date then an administration fee of $200 per person will be charged to cover the course materials and administration costs of the booking.

If you book a course, don't pay for it and then fail to provide 10 days notice or don't turn up, you will be invoiced for the invigilation fees charged to us by the IWCF.