Engineering & Consulting

Teaching, designing and consulting on matters relating to drilling engineering, education, online delivery systems is accomplished through my Directorship of this research company. Projects have ranged from geothermal well design to horizontal drilling appraisals, the design of training curriculum and educational advise and expertise that assisted in the design and implementation of the Australian Drilling Industry Competency Standards.

Working in primary and secondary schools in a supply teaching capacity exercises ones teaching skills. To regularly change teaching perspectives and respond to the needs of children and young adults provides one with the opportunity to view today's education from a multitude of angles.

As an Accredited Practitioner (AP) with the Australian Institute of Training and Development one pursues excellence in the field of further education & training.

Services include:

For 11 years I worked as a Senior Lecturer& Deputy Director of the National Drilling & Well Control Program for the School of Petroleum Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

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Please feel free to email the Cairns Centre for Drilling and Well Control

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