Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest accommodation to the training centre?

The closest accommodation to us is the City Terraces which is nearby on the same block. Mention you are doing one of our courses and they will offer a discount. 

The City Terraces also offer room charge backs for meals and can assist you in organising airport transfers, laundry and provide WIFI internet services for all guests.

The Best Western City Sheridan is the 2nd closest to our location.

See our Accommodation Guide for more Information.


Meals - Is there anywhere close by to get lunch/dinner?

Yes, We are located three blocks from Cairns Central Shopping Centre which also features a large food court area as well as Coles Supermarket. There are also several restaurants and cafés with in 5min walking distance of our front door.                                                                                                                                                                          [INDEX]

Course Start Time - What time does the course start?

The course starts at 8am sharp every Monday, but someone will always be in the centre from approx 7:30am daily.


Unforeseen Delays - What happens if my plane is late?

We understand that sometimes things just don’t go to plan, so if you flight is cancelled or delayed just get here as soon as you can on the Monday.


Course End Time - What time does the course finish?

Because of the time it can take to complete all exams and simulations please don’t book your flight before 5pm on the Friday of any course.  If you need to book an early flight, please phone or email to confirm that this will be OK. We will do everything possible to allow you to get to your flight in time. It may mean that you are the first simulation for the morning on Friday. 


What happens if I cannot pass or complete any part of the  IWCF course?

Every IWCF exam has 3 components, 2 written and 1 practical that need to be completed:

1. Principles & Practices (exam)
2. Equipment (exam)
3. Simulation (practical)

You are required to get a 70% result in each component to pass the course.

The IWCF now states:

1. If a candidate fails two or more components at the first attempt they will not be eligible for an instant re-sit, they must attend another full 5 day training course.

2. If the candidate achieves 65% or below in one of the components, they are not eligible for an instant re-sit, they must receive further training prior to a re-sit examination. IWCF will ask for evidence of re-training.

3. If a candidate fails one of the components at 66% and above, they are eligible for an instant re-sit or to come back within the 90 day re-sit period

4. If the first re-sit attempt is 65% or below, the candidate will not be eligible for an instant re-sit and must receive further training prior to completing the final attempt within the 90 day re-sit period. IWCF will ask for evidence of re-training.

5. Instant re-sits will be provided to those candidates who meet the above mentioned criteria and where test materials and invigilation are available.


Is there a cost to resit an examination?

Because the IWCF charges us for exams and exam papers we need to cover our costs for resit examinations. We can no longer absorb the costs of resit examinations. A re-sit fee of $500 applies.

Due to recent changes in the IWCF examination policy, should you be unsuccessful and need to return for another course it will be at a reduced course fee. Please contact us for a price. Instant IWCF resit examinations will incur a fee of $500 to cover invigilation and examination paper costs.


What happens if I need extra assistance?

The Cairns Centre for Drilling and Well Control recognises that even the most experienced and competent of oil industry workers can have difficulties in a class room environment. That is why we are committed to giving those who need it the extra assistance and understanding they require to give everyone the best possible change of being successful in gaining their IWCF "certifications".

However in order to do so we need to know if you have any special needs or if you just simply would like some additional one on one time with the instructor, you need to state this on your registration form or as soon as you attend your course. Once we are aware that of what you need will make arrangements and allowances that suit your personal needs. All such personal information regarding learning disabilities or difficulties will be treated with strict confidence.

We would like to help in any way that we can and any and all information regarding your needs or extra assistance will be handled with absolute confidence, being made known only to the director and training coordinator as required.

With RII training, Reasonable Adjustment for learning difficulties is covered by the trainer and the fact that our RII course is competency based training.

At this stage, the IWCF has not provided our training centre with any information regarding the provision of Reasonable Adjustments during exams.


Why do I need a copy of my passport/drivers license?

If you are taking an IWCF exam you are required to bring with you a copy of your passport or drivers license for identification.

The IWCF regulation states that you must be able to prove your identity before your certification can be issued.

This regulation has only been in place since early 2012 and was implemented to avoid participants with similar/same names and birthdays from being issued with incorrect certificates. It has also helped the IWCF identify exam plagiarising and fraudulent training organisations and allows everyone to follow the international sanctions regarding BOP training.


Is there a grace period when my  IWCF "certificate" expires?

The IWCF has a policy that there is no grace period for when a "certificate" expires but please be aware that there is no legislation in Australia that says that your IWCF ‘certificate’ has to be current – drivers licences and other stuff - yes because there is legislation that states that these things must be current, but IWCF – no.

There is no international legislation that says that workers on rigs are required to hold a current IWCF “certificate”. 

Unless it is a company requirement to have a current IWCF "certificate" e.g. written into a contract, then you can also continue to work while it is expired because IWCF is not competency based training nor is it legislated training. You don’t wake up the day after your IWCF "certificate" expires and suddenly you don't have the knowledge, skills, experience  or ability to work on a rig.


Is there an IWCF refresher course that I can do instead of a whole 5 day course?

No, there is no such thing as an IWCF BOP refresher course! All IWCF courses are 5 days and the full 5 days of attendance must be proven and completed to gain or renew your IWCF "certification".

The IWCF  regulations state that a full 5 day course with proof of participant attendance for that time must be submitted to the relevant governing body before the certification will be accepted and issued.